Features are highlighted pages on Purple Row that have some sort of continuity. There are six main features that go up nearly every day:

Everyday FeaturesEdit

The Rockpile

Pebble Reports

Off-Topic Threads

Game Previews

Game Threads

Game Wraps

Occasional FeaturesEdit

There are other features that go up every so often, but not every day. They are as follows:

Blake Street Stroll

Counting Rocks

Know Your Foe

Purple Hazed Ideas

Purple Row Radio

PuRPs Listings

Rock Mining

Rockies Retro

Thoughts From Up High

Transactions Notes

User-Created FeaturesEdit

There are two types of user-created features: longer Fanposts and shorter Fanshots.

Past FeaturesEdit

These are features that were done by previous Starving Artists who no longer write features for the Row.

View From The Top Row

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