This page is about the website - for the Colorado Rockies' current roster see Colorado Rockies Current Roster. is a website operated by First Class Minion Greg Stanwood and Tim Zappe. The site describes itself as "a database designed to help Rockies fans keep track of the status of every player in the Colorado Rockies organization, from the MLB team all the way on down." as well as "Your best source for organizational contract and transaction information."

The site has full rosters of most of the organizations in the Rockies' system, from the major league club all the way down to Rookie Level squad Grand Junction, as well as an updating transaction log. The site does not include Dominican Summer League information as the webmaster does not have any contacts with the league and further, the very few players who reach the majors from the DSL make the amount of effort required very high for the benefits gained.

Other sections include a complete draft listing from the past three seasons (including who signed and for how much) and an updating payroll chart, to see how much the team is obligated to play any particular player until the year 2021.

Rockies Roster developed from a series of fanposts by Stanwood during the 2010 season entitled "Project Libra", after the Final Fantasy enemy scanning / information gathering spell. During the 2010/11 offseason, web developer and Rowbot Tim Zappe approached Stanwood with the idea of turning Project Libra into an independent website, which would become RockiesRoster.

External LinksEdit - your best source for organizational contract and transaction information.